Anxiety. Do you have it? 


Most Americans are all too familiar with this word. Anxiety runs in the family but I seem to have made out worse than everyone else. I take Cymbalta and have Xanax for extreme cases to save me the ambulance run to the ER [this is another story]. Last year I was taking one .25mg of Xanax at least twice a week, sometimes more than that. Typically I would need it before bed or in the middle of the night if I woke up freaking out for no good reason. Thankfully, I have only had to take it once during the day because it knocks me out cold. I’m not sure how Plexus does it but I have not been feeling as anxious since I started using the TriPlex system. Last night was the first night that I needed one, I probably could have gone without it but putting it off sometimes makes things worse. I like to stop soon-to-be panic attacks in their tracks. For me a panic attack consists of the following:

Shortness of breathe

Impending doom

Jerking awake, sometimes nausea will accompany this



Heart palpitations

Time seems to move slower when a panic attack arrives and it feels never ending. When I was heavily pregnant I woke up from a deep sleep and couldn’t breathe, vomiting into my hand as I ran into the bathroom. My husband drove me to the ER because I had this horrific feeling that something was terribly wrong and I got it into my head that I was dying. I was shaking and crying uncontrollably until we were about a minute away from the hospital. The fresh, cool autumn air seemed to help and we ended up sitting in the parking lot for a while until I calmed completely and then went back home. Anxiety is different for everyone and it’s not something that is easily controlled.


Allergies be gone! PLEXUS IS HERE! 

I visited an allergist in the fall of 2016 and had the huge allergy test. You know the one; they put drops of trees, pollen, bees, foods, etc into those little spikes and press them against your arms and back. I found out that I have year round allergies. My allergist prescribed Flonase to me last fall stating that I need to use it in the morning and if I’m sick or doing outside work [raking leaves, picking up sticks, playing with Aria] I need to use it before bedtime. She said that if I plug one side of my nose, breathe deeply, and I’m plugged then I need to also use a saline rinse as well throughout the day. When your nose is plugged it causes your head to ache and your sinuses to become inflamed. I was taking Flonase 1-2 times a day; minimum.

This past weekend I was at my parent’s house. I took all of my medicine, minus Flonase, on Saturday. I forgot to take it Saturday night and continued this trend… it’s now Wednesday afternoon and I still haven’t used it. I played outside with my daughter every day for at least an hour each day. My parents live in the country. The sticks. And I love it. But my allergies have always hated the large, looming trees, the yellow little dandelions, and the dander that stays on my clothes after cuddling with their many outside cats.

I’ve done the nose test and each side is perfectly clear. It’s spring. Everything is blooming, becoming beautiful and new, but the terrible season for allergies is upon us. So why don’t I need my nasal spray for the worst season for those with allergies?

Plexus. That’s the only thing that comes to mind.

With that being said I will continue to keep one bottle of the spray in my house however I think it’s safe to say that I will be saving $15 a month because of Plexus.

Plexus update 

Good morning! I’ve been so bad about reporting my day-to-day and for that I have to apologize. Lately I have noticed that my stomach has been feeling so much better! I still have some fatigue but I am looking forward to that disappearing in a couple of months [crossing my fingers]! My skin has still been hurting, like a rug burn, but it’s only on my arms… so weird! I was able to get compensation from Plexus last month – it was unexpected. I have one preferred customer and one ambassador; I placed an order last month and the month before. I plan on saving the money up until I have enough for a free month of triplex!! 🙂 it’s nice to feel better and also get money back; now I can see why Plexus is such a popular MLM company.


The accelerator really lives up to it’s name! 

I’m noticing that I am sleeping like a brick these days. My special combo is 2 bioclense with 1 slim before breakfast and then 1 probio5 before bed. I’m not waking up in the middle of the night anymore and I’m getting a full night’s sleep, finally!!! My friend is using the accelerator and she took it Sunday night… and she was up ALL NIGHT! It gave her so much energy she couldn’t sleep. Apparently you need to take it in the morning before breakfast, oops! My other friend has noticed that it curbs her appetite and she doesn’t feel the need to “binge” eat anymore. It seems like a great product though; it’s under $35 and you get 60 capsules and should really only take 1 to start out with. One of my friends stated that it was like “being on Adderall without the crash” LOL I have never used that but she used it for ADD and it floated around her school some time ago when she was in college. I was thinking about making a video diary, too. Thoughts? I’ve never done one and I want to get the word out there about my honest, non-biased reviews. I really want to help people but that’s kind of hard when there is commission involved. There’s a lot of skeptics out there.



Anyone want to make extra $ and get healthier? 

I’m running a special this month: $10 off when you join with a friend. Last month I made an extra $30 from my own purchases and 2 friends purchases. Not bad! I’m hoping one day to get my plexus for free 😊 

Maybe it can help you get out of debt, help treat an illness [or prevent], and have financial freedom. There’s also a 60 day money back guarantee on everything and you get to keep the product.