Plexus really is amazing. 

I haven’t been on WordPress much this week because I was preparing for the mom2mom sale that was this morning. I’m kinda sad no one really wanted to talk to me. 3 women took my business cards and wanted to hear what plexus was about so that was good. But I did get yelled at by a lady! That was interesting. Our 1 year wedding anniversary was yesterday so we went out to dinner and a bar downtown. It was great to be able to spend time together just the 2 of us. I’m really starting to believe in plexus and what they can do for a body that’s hurting. I also found out the majority of their products is under $35 which is so helpful. As always, please contact me with questions. 

Headache from heck 

I woke up this morning feeling like my head had been in a vice all night long. It took 2.5 hours for a Tylenol to kick in, it felt even longer since I was at work. I spoke with my friend about detox symptoms and they typically last 2 to 10 days, depending how many toxins were in one’s body. I’m thinking the first time I took the bioclense, I took approximately 6 to 8, I got most of the detox done! I’m hoping, lol. Unfortunately, I somehow hurt my back really bad so I have a hard time picking Aria up or bending down. Tomorrow has to be better, right? 

Yay for Slim!

Well I did not sleep well at all last night because I was paranoid of the possible side effects I would get from starting the Bioclense again. I woke up tired, groggy, and a mildly sore throat. So far, no side effects detox symptoms! Needless to say I am happy, but tired. Having the plexus slim this morning boosted my energy a bit so I’m definitely thankful for having that. I have to say that even if the Bioclense doesn’t work out I will continue my morning regimen of the plexus slim, I just love it! Thus far I have noticed the following:

I’m not as tired as I normally am

More, no, MUCH more energy in the afternoon and all weekend (seriously, I am on the move all day every day on those precious weekends)

My nails don’t bother me as much. Oddly as it sounds, I swear I can feel my nails growing

Uncomfortable clothes don’t seem as uncomfortable as they used to be  

I’m regular. No more bloating, tummy aches, or opposite ends of the spectrum bathroom issues on a daily basis

Anyone suffering from any of the symptoms I used to have I would highly recommend Plexus Slim. At least look into it! Ask your doctor, family, friends. I bet at least one of them have heard of Plexus and the wonders it can do for you. Both my doctor and PA suggested I try it as they have heard nothing but good things.

To your health and sanity,


The start of Bioclense. Again. 

Tonight I take bioclense again after being off of it for over a week. I’m not going to lie I’m nervous to get on it again after how I felt last time. A friend of mine had terrible side effects too however she took hers in the morning with food. I will be taking mine right before I go to bad. I’ve been reading up on detox symptoms and I’m mentally prepared. Drinking a ton of water and taking Tylenol if I need to. My husband on the other hand LOVES bioclense and takes the recommended FOUR A DAY! Tonight I asked him how he felt on it and he said he feels better and has much more energy. He’s been on it for just about a month and loves it. Well, I am happy for him but not fair lol I don’t want the detox symptoms! Below is a picture of how important oxygen is to your body [what bioclense does] Goodnight all