Hold on to your hats, its about to get a bit uncomfortable. Poop. No one likes to talk about it.

It’s funny, I didn’t realize how not having regular bowel movements can really mess someone’s day up. Then we had our daughter. Too much poop? Angry baby with a diaper rash. Not enough poop? Really angry baby who won’t eat, whines all day, won’t drink, screams in Walmart, and occasionally slaps. Poor, sweet Aria. Her tiny tummy can’t seem to find a happy medium. We give her fibrous foods and she has a cup in her hand most of the day but she still needs occasional help. Miralax, prune juice, and berries seem to do the trick for constipation. Toast, rice, and chicken for the diarrhea. 

As busy adults we tend to not eat so healthy 24/7 and if you’re like me with fibromyalgia and ibs then your belly probably isn’t happy either. Thankfully, we can use bioclense. A friend who shall remain nameless has, erm, Aria problems too 😂 poor thing. She purchased the bioclense this weekend to help “regulate” her belly. Because a happy gut leads to a happy mind 😃 check it out on my website 



Author: Plexus 4 Fibromyalgia

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5 thoughts on “Constipation. ”

  1. I hear you! Read my earliest blog posts about my stomach/digestion (and other) health problems. Many eradicated by eliminating wheat from my diet. Today I drink a warm cup of water with a few squeezes of lemon every morning to keep my bowels very regular. It is amazing how I feel so much better!

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