Detox is good. But bad.

I’ve been having some not so pleasant detox symptoms because I was quite unhealthy. It doesn’t happen every day but when it does it’s not fun. When I get them I get a headache mid-morning to mid-afternoon, nausea, dizziness/light headedness, mild stomach aches, and mild fatigue. I think I started everything too quickly; I started the bioclense and probio 5 in 1 night and upon doing much more research and speaking to my upline I should’ve waited! My own fault, now I’m paying for it. I’ve decided that I am going to drink half a packet of slim for a couple of weeks and then start the bioclense again. I have still been drinking a lot of water and eating the same. These symptoms could be all in my head though, too! Those with fibromyalgia get called hypochondriacs and have “phantom” symptoms sometimes so who knows what I am experiencing. With the stomach issues that I was having and the bad food that I have been eating I would not be surprised if the Plexus is just cleaning everything out and getting rid of the toxins. Onward and upward I shall go! Have a good day! 


Author: Plexus 4 Fibromyalgia

Living with invisible illnesses and taking it one day at a time with Plexus

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