Those with Autoimmune Disorders, a must read! 

As someone who has suffered for years, trust me, this stuff works! ♡


Do you know the definition of an autoimmune disease? It’s when your normal immune system begins working against your body instead of for it. There are few basic causes: 1) genetics 2) environment exposure, 3) leaky gut. Environment can be typically supported; making changes in our exposure level (to what we can control) in toxins.  LEAKY GUT is a HUGE COMPONENT of AUTOIMMUNE.  YOU can take that diagnosis into your own hands! Start making changes NOW…why? Because according to WebMD once you have one autoimmune disease you are more likely to get another! And women tend to be at a higher risk than men. What am I talking about? Diseases like Type I Diabetes, Asthma, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Chron’s, IBS, Lupus… and many more are associated with autoimmune!!

The main triggers are thought to be 

~bacteria or virus


~chemical irritants

~environmental irritants

~and my favorite topic LEAKY GUT!

This was copied from my friend who introduced me to Plexus 😁


Author: Plexus 4 Fibromyalgia

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