The start of Bioclense. Again. 

Tonight I take bioclense again after being off of it for over a week. I’m not going to lie I’m nervous to get on it again after how I felt last time. A friend of mine had terrible side effects too however she took hers in the morning with food. I will be taking mine right before I go to bad. I’ve been reading up on detox symptoms and I’m mentally prepared. Drinking a ton of water and taking Tylenol if I need to. My husband on the other hand LOVES bioclense and takes the recommended FOUR A DAY! Tonight I asked him how he felt on it and he said he feels better and has much more energy. He’s been on it for just about a month and loves it. Well, I am happy for him but not fair lol I don’t want the detox symptoms! Below is a picture of how important oxygen is to your body [what bioclense does] Goodnight all 


Author: Plexus 4 Fibromyalgia

Living with invisible illnesses and taking it one day at a time with Plexus

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