The accelerator really lives up to it’s name! 

I’m noticing that I am sleeping like a brick these days. My special combo is 2 bioclense with 1 slim before breakfast and then 1 probio5 before bed. I’m not waking up in the middle of the night anymore and I’m getting a full night’s sleep, finally!!! My friend is using the accelerator and she took it Sunday night… and she was up ALL NIGHT! It gave her so much energy she couldn’t sleep. Apparently you need to take it in the morning before breakfast, oops! My other friend has noticed that it curbs her appetite and she doesn’t feel the need to “binge” eat anymore. It seems like a great product though; it’s under $35 and you get 60 capsules and should really only take 1 to start out with. One of my friends stated that it was like “being on Adderall without the crash” LOL I have never used that but she used it for ADD and it floated around her school some time ago when she was in college. I was thinking about making a video diary, too. Thoughts? I’ve never done one and I want to get the word out there about my honest, non-biased reviews. I really want to help people but that’s kind of hard when there is commission involved. There’s a lot of skeptics out there.




Author: Plexus 4 Fibromyalgia

Living with invisible illnesses and taking it one day at a time with Plexus

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