Anxiety. Do you have it? 


Most Americans are all too familiar with this word. Anxiety runs in the family but I seem to have made out worse than everyone else. I take Cymbalta and have Xanax for extreme cases to save me the ambulance run to the ER [this is another story]. Last year I was taking one .25mg of Xanax at least twice a week, sometimes more than that. Typically I would need it before bed or in the middle of the night if I woke up freaking out for no good reason. Thankfully, I have only had to take it once during the day because it knocks me out cold. I’m not sure how Plexus does it but I have not been feeling as anxious since I started using the TriPlex system. Last night was the first night that I needed one, I probably could have gone without it but putting it off sometimes makes things worse. I like to stop soon-to-be panic attacks in their tracks. For me a panic attack consists of the following:

Shortness of breathe

Impending doom

Jerking awake, sometimes nausea will accompany this



Heart palpitations

Time seems to move slower when a panic attack arrives and it feels never ending. When I was heavily pregnant I woke up from a deep sleep and couldn’t breathe, vomiting into my hand as I ran into the bathroom. My husband drove me to the ER because I had this horrific feeling that something was terribly wrong and I got it into my head that I was dying. I was shaking and crying uncontrollably until we were about a minute away from the hospital. The fresh, cool autumn air seemed to help and we ended up sitting in the parking lot for a while until I calmed completely and then went back home. Anxiety is different for everyone and it’s not something that is easily controlled.


Author: Plexus 4 Fibromyalgia

Living with invisible illnesses and taking it one day at a time with Plexus

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